Wine Tours - Discovering the Best Wines of Italy

23 Dec

Wine tours in Italy are the best ways to enjoy the Italian wine country. The Italian wine country is one of the best tourism destinations in Europe, and seeing it up close and personal is a great experience. With over 30 wineries spread across the country there's bound to be one within your budget to suit your taste. Here is some more info about wine.

Italy has five major wine regions. Liguria, a mountainous peninsula on the northern part of the country, is home to a large number of families who grow and produce their own wine here. It's home to the most famous wine producer in Italy, Veneto.  Find out more about wine by clicking here:

Another famous producer is Montalcino, in the region of Abruzzo. This wine is so well known that the name "vineyard-own" is often used to describe any Italian wine-maker. Other popular Italian wine producers are Montepulciano, which is located in Veneto; Bertani, which is found in Modena; and Bertani, which is found in Barolo, an area of the Pugliese Mountains found in the Apulia province.

If you're planning Italian wine tours, you can choose from several options. One of these options is taking a walking tour, which typically begin in the city of Tuscany and end in Rome. The walking tours usually begin in the morning and end by dinner time. However, you may also choose to take a car tour, where you'll drive from wine-tasting point to another wine-tasting point.

When you go on such a tour, the guide will lead you to the appropriate region. He or she will explain the basics of the grape growing there, and afterward you'll be taken to the tasting room. From there, you'll be able to taste the different varieties of wine made in that area. Usually, you'll be given bottled wine from each region as well.

If you would rather not drink wine from the wine cave, you can try another type of tour. This option is called a "tasting tour." Instead of driving all over the region, you'll just have to sit at the table and eat. In Italy, this is often accompanied by a meal that is paired with the wine you're tasting. It's a fun way to enjoy Italy and get the true flavor of each winery.

No matter what type of tour or trip you decide to take, there are many options to choose from. You can even plan your own wine tours by visiting vineyards near your home. Wine tours like these are perfect for the whole family, and many wine enthusiasts even go camping so they can spend the night enjoying the amazing countryside of Tuscany. Regardless of whether you're looking for an Italian wine tour or even just a road trip through Tuscany, there are many things you can do in order to enjoy some truly amazing wine. Check out this post to get more info on the topic:

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